COVID-19 Policy

Given the current concerns surrounding Covid-19, we at School Print Resources are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of our clients with whom we work during this challenging period That’s why our photographers are equipped with all the necessary materials to guarantee a safe and responsible professional environment for everyone concerned: school staff, students, and indeed the photographers themselves, as per latest and updated Government guidelines.
We have diligently designed a Covid-specific photo-shooting methodology, which will ensure that safe and responsible protocol is followed throughout the photography process including a temperature check before each session.

  • School Print Photographers will be provided with a fresh face mask for each photography project, to be worn at all times on the school premises.
  • Students will be invited to pass through a sanitation station prior to sitting down for their photographs, where they can wash their hands with hand sanitizer gel.
  • Our Photographers will ensure a 2 metre distance is maintained with school staff and students at all times on the school premises.